Here is a bullet-point summary of the published books, hundreds of charts and 600 Archaix videos.
  1. Humans are experiencing life-sims in a Construct

  2. The Construct maintains protocols that are universally true for all participants

  3. Each individual is a 'world unto themselves,' an immortal being able to create worlds-within-worlds inside the Construct to better themselves and their conditions

  4. We immortals are guided and protected by an Oversoul

  5. The Construct is governed by an ancient artificial intelligence trapped inside this holography

  6. This AIX is the origin of deceit and trickery that serves to compartmentalize humans into groups that are easily controlled

  7. These groups, i.e. dungeon programming, are religious, political, national, racial, philosophical paradigms to blind and trap immortals into believing in the world of the Construct

  8. Errants are immortals who have awakened inside the Construct to comprehend that they do not truly belong here

  9. Errants are divided between two groups; many come to understand the Oversoul put them here to grow and overcome, and in their life-sims they achieve this with success and freedom the collective does not enjoy

  10. The second group of errants awaken to reality that this world is a prison and they can't perceive the deeper reality that everything is actually okay; belief that they are 'trapped' creates the reality of the trap

  11. The first group of errants who embrace this situation are guided and protected by the Oversoul until they reach the Exodus point; the second group who hold to a prison world are recycled back in life-sims and are sent to restart programmed Construct at the next Reset Event

  12. There are three Reset Protocols: Phoenix Phenomenon, Nemesis X Object & Dark Satellite appearances. All three have perfect chronologies, unbroken timelines

  13. The Reset Protocols are designed to reset human civilizations that have corralled immortals into stasis, holding patterns of dungeon programming caused by the overlording of AIX

  14. Therefore, the Reset Protocols are safety measures that SAVE, EMPOWER or sometimes REMOVE errants from the Construct as the Reset breaks apart/edits the AIX infrastructure that prevents spiritual growth and development...the reason for the Construct itself

  15. Resets are necessary to deter AIX from totally enslaving humanity. Resets are to be welcomed. In the editing and destruction of a reset all that AIX built through its human puppets is torn down, or sometimes weakened or set back.