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Jason Breshears' Archaix.com research, data, books, videos

Jason recorded the below summary video of his research & ideas on September 24, 2022, with predictions. He predicts the future with math, because our simulated holography is a mathematical construct that responds to such. Suggest to watch and let history be the judge about his upcoming predictions.

Click below flash drives for ALL initial archaix research, videos, books, etc...

This page is dedicated to Jason Breshears of www.archaix.com. I have uploaded ALL of Jason's initially offered public works, as a service to mankind. You only have to click the flash drives above to access it all. His information is credible, cogent, and intelligent.

I intend to absorb & digest all of Jason's materials, as I am able. This may take the rest of my life, but Jason's chronology research shows phoenix is due again by 2040. The ruling elite of this planet understand the destructive capability of phoenix better than the masses; their threat that all of us will "own nothing by 2030 and be happy about it" is just fearporn to rile up the masses, because phoenix targets people in low consciousness states of fear, anger, hate, etc... so they are trying to use us as human shields. They have negative emotions too and much to answer for and would rather have phoenix targeting everybody else, while they try to survive in their underground cities. The 2030 agenda is both a cover story AND a cover-up of the cataclysms coming regardless of anything the "elite" may or may not do.

Phoenix Info

This low consciousness state of mind that I mention above is what Jason likes to call "negative default programming", which the elite are trying to exacerbate with their activities. I cannot prove their true intentions, but I agree with Jason that the corrupt United Nations & World Economic Forum, Schwab, Gates, etc... are mere puppets themselves for the so-called ruling "elite" families, secretly running the world. Some Bloodline names you may be familiar with: Hapsburgs, House of Lorraine, De Medici, Li, Astor, Onassis, Kennedy, Russell, Thurmond, Taxis, DuPont, Van Duyn's, and some lesser agents serving these powers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bundy, Disney, Collins, Freeman, Reynolds, Krupp, McDonald's, the Harrimans, Tafts, Lords, Kelloggs, Goodyear, Whitney, Vanderbilt, Sloanes, Perkins, and the Bushes. Human controllers are themselves controlled by invisible non-human entities, who are in turn controlled by a mysterious Creator. Jason freely admits to creating theories, which he is open to updating with new information. I am similar. I have a traditional Christian religious paradigm, which I am updating to this, my current best "theory" as to the nature of reality.

Scientists are starting to prove simulation theory, that reality is literally like the matrix movie alludes! Jason calls this the Simulacrum. Although simulation theory, like evolution theory, has been philosophized for millennia, only now in modern times, we have found SOME evidence for both theories. But one theory must trump the other. You cannot totally trust the 5 physical sense "evidence" if we are in a matrix that was designed to deceive the 5 senses. Makes logical sense, right? So, simulation theory is where Darwin's evolution theory was about 150 years ago but is making fast progress in recognition. They say, if computer power keeps growing at the current rate, we will build an actual matrix indistinguishable from reality, in maybe 20 years or less. Then it will be more intuitive for people to understand we just exist in another layer of matrix that God programmed. Then it will be easier for most to understand that simulation theory trumps evolution theory.

In the future, we could create a matrix simulation program to demonstrate this truth. I used to program computers even, but in 20 years, it will be even more complicated computer techniques. My program would have a person enter the simulation and show them a reality so much like the current "real world" that they can't even tell they just stepped into a computer program of the so-called "real world." The room will initially look the same. Then they go "outside" and talk to "people" who will talk like real people about beliefs like evolution. A stranger will pick up a stray "cat" and say it is proven fact it evolved from "dogs." But unlike our current reality, which has NO solid evidence for macro-evolution (change into different species), this simulated person will be able to take the user to a computer simulation of a real computer and pull up tons of data and scientific evidence to PROVE macro-evolution 100%. The data will show crock-a-duck, clear proof of macro-evolution that only a fool would deny. The museums will have fossils with clear crock-a-duck type fossils going back billions of years... nah, actually, I will program trillions of years into the simulation to make it more realistic, for a mere postulated 5 billion year old earth CANNOT create such genetic diversity like we have. Then I might even program this fake reality to be able to make it possible to create life from non-life and watch it evolve naturally over trillions of years in the lab, as my simulation will also be able to isolate the lab experiment environment inside a time-bubble and do some Einstein type time dilation inside the experiment to simulate evolution over trillions of years. But simulated evolution in an entirely simulated environment does NOT make sense to totally trust such evidence, right? A science mind should understand that. I could easily then hit a programmed button and cause the simulation to change around the real human, so that everybody around the real human in the simulation thinks their "universe" is even untold trillions of years older than the last simulation, and the evidence for evolution even stronger, and only an insane person would deny it!

Are we just characters in a video game?

If you want to download this cool song in only mp3

I trust my reader understands my analogy. Even in this fiction future (no longer fiction in less than 20 years probably, if computer power keeps advancing) THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE WHO WILL SPIN THEORIES TO DENY THE OBVIOUS AND "PROVE" WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE! There is no God? Who started the first simulation then? Even if I create a simulated world wherein intelligent beings create simulations within simulations within simulations, etc.... there always must be an intelligent first cause Being (ie God) to start all the simulations. Makes logical sense, right? It takes great intelligence to program a complex computer generated simulation of reality. And within such a simulation, it is NOT logical or common sense to totally trust so-called "hard" evidence for evolution, even if there was such evidence. The reality is (as far as reality can speak in our current fake matrix--soon to be proven Jason and I are right about this) there is NO HARD EVIDENCE for evolution, only SOFT evidence. But even if you had TONS of real hard evidence (which scientists do not have), it still don't mean squat in the matrix which deceives the 5 physical senses! One is NOT very logical or scientific if he or she insists I speak error here. Such a person has no choice but to try to prove & believe simulation theory is nonsense, because such carnal dominated human psyche (Jason calls this AIX--artificial intelligence X) simply cannot accept there is a God, and such a one simply must find some way to deny the obvious. This is why simulation theory trumps evolution theory, although both have some evidence in modern times. Soon, we will build an actual matrix and honest scientists will have to admit, the evidence points to some mysterious Creator God that NONE will ever fully understand. Except me, of course, because God speaks to me and explains these obvious and evident things. :-)

Simulation theory will trump evolution theory in probably less than 20 years, whereas Darwin's theory required 150 years to gain massive worldwide support. I have a scientific left brain (prove truth) like everybody, but I also try to connect with intuitive right brain (sense truth) too. I don't pretend one can come to correct conclusions without engaging both sides of the brain in a balanced way. I say we do have enough data to draw proper conclusions right now about UFOs and reality itself, and that statement is partly intuitively discerned. My simulation argument is part science and part intuition. One really can't have evolution AND simulation both 100% trustworthy truth always at the same time, and one should admit humans should NOT trust evolution evidence then 100%, but most still choose to believe there is no master programmer (God) and everything is totally random. That is unbalanced left brain thinking. Even if I could prove the resurrection of Christ, the scientific left brain would be inclined to spin that as just a random natural process resurrection then. We all spin things how we want to believe, me included, but I say I connect with God in my right side brain too and that is why my understanding is more correct than most.

Here is a little bit of both science and intuition prediction of the future, and although none can prove exactly what will happen in the future, I hope my readers can hear rationality in what I am about to write. In 1969, the Honeywell Kitchen Computer was marketed as a luxury gift item, and would have inaugurated the era of home computing, but none were sold. Computers became affordable for the general public in the 1970s due to the mass production of the microprocessor starting in 1971. So, that's about 50 years ago that home computers started to take off. And what do we have today? Computer power in a cell phone alone way beyond the first computers, graphics already very realistic and off the charts in worldwide online internet gaming, already gamers playing avatars in simulated worlds portending what is coming in a better actual matrix one day. They already have virtual reality goggles and computer simulated ping pong games so realistic that players forget they are in a simulation. Books by Rizwan Virk, creator of these types of current virtual reality (VR) simulations, tell of his personal stories of almost falling over after playing ping pong in a VR simulation because he forgot there was no real table there and almost leaned on it! And we all hear about facebook's 3D metaverse, soon to be rolled out.

As per the above online role playing game analogy, I am like an avatar in my own reality, with my own computer settings rendering things as per my particular computer programmed instructions. My readers are likewise in their own "reality" too. We are connected by a cable that connects our virtual reality simulation headsets to each other, so we can interact in each other's "reality." But the master programmer I call Creator God CAN and does filter our interactions to each other. This Being IS the VR headset and cable and everything else, so can do this instantaneously. Anyway, the basic idea is I am the only real "person" in my reality, and same for my readers, but your avatar half knows this even though your human half does not. You are 50% human and 50% not human. Your avatar is the 50% non-human half and your true human with the VR headset in prime reality is the 50% human half (but asleep in the real world and you have partial amnesia here). Ergo, you may partly agree & understand what I am saying, and also creatively take what I am saying and put your own unique spin on this idea and build on it.

Simple example: if my computer settings show tables as pink and your computer settings show tables as blue, I can ask you, "Is the table pink?" You hear what you need to hear in your reality and reply, "Of course the table is blue." Master programmer intercepts your message to me and my avatar hears, "Of course the table is pink." We nod our heads in agreement about an obvious truth, while in actuality, we are experiencing different things. This works with more complicated experiences too, where we can share the essence of a thing, while perceiving it quite differently. I think there is validity to the idea that supposedly "highly evolved ancient alien gods" revealed themselves to ancient humans and deceived us about many things for various reasons. Their technology seemed like magic, like even my cell phone does to me right now. God's people have always battled these beings secretly and inwardly, soon openly too, IMHO. Even if UFO open contact manifests more literally in my reality one day, it will be projections off my own "carnal" mind (ie AIX) AND my "spiritual" mind (ie the Simulacrum). Possibly, I might be dragged into a more mundane open contact with Schwab and his ilk, as the puppets of invisible forces, and battle their evil agenda to push for open slavery in their 2030 agenda. I am connected to other elect (Jason calls elect errants) in other realities who have less imagination so I might have to oppose mundane forces in mundane ways. I prefer more open & direct & supernatural. I consider Jason an elect, so his version of reality may override mine. UFO open contact is not totally up to me, but I seem to be a main driver of this theme here. Jason and I could experience very similar and yet very different versions of reality. The essence of my experience is translated to Jason in his reality and vice versa. Same yet different.

Jason's take on the video game analogy

Genesis 1:30, KJV, "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so." This is one of many supernatural verses that prove simulation theory, as after the fall of Adam and Eve by eating the forbidden fruit, the nature of animals changed. This simulation of reality instantly changed! Lions would have previously used their sharp teeth and claws to dig up carrots and such from the ground in their hunt for food, but now lions use those same teeth & claws to hunt and kill and eat other animals! Humans are now predatory in their own ways, and some are literal cannibals, although such has always been rare in human history. None can deny that humans are very animalistic and predatory though in many ways, and this is why many believe humans evolved from animals, since we can act like animals in so many ways! A couple of other good Biblical examples would be the story of the tower of Babel, where memories got altered to instantly understand different languages, and the story of God causing the sun to stand still in the sky an extra 24 hours so Joshua could complete a battle. People write these stories off as nonsense, but anything is possible in the matrix, where mind, memories, and reality itself can be reprogrammed instantly (from our point of view anyway).

There is a difference between using our intelligence to advance technologically versus advancing morally. Humans have all the same issues and problems since the days of Adam and Eve. There has been NO real advancement, and there will NOT be any, until UFO demons are dealt with and a manifestation of the literal Kingdom of God is established on earth. The UFOs portend this open contact event and open supernatural war between God's human elect (the fleshly sons of God) and God's spirit elect (the spiritual sons of God, aka demons).

I use Biblical narratives in my communication
but these days

I think similar to Jason's commentary in
the above mp3

So, anyway, back to so-called "reality". All this computer advancement in only 50 years? And do any really doubt another 20 to 50 years could easily create a realistic matrix just like the movie??? So, my example above of a person in the future entering a simulation of reality apparently trillions of years old with 100% solid proof of macro-evolution is impossible? We don't even have 100% proof of macro-evolution for this universe, but most choose to believe it over anything else, but even if humans had such proof, it means nothing in the matrix, which was designed to deceive the 5 physical senses.

The ultimate truth is we are in a simulation of reality, and everything our 5 senses detect is only an approximation of true reality at the next level. We are both in our own solipsism reality AND also in a shared reality at the same time. My simple example above about blue/pink tables where two "people" (avatars really) think they agree but are both wrong, could work in the reverse too, where two are arguing over some apparent obvious error/lie, but they are both right. We can still have some meaningful interactions with others, despite most who claim solipsism is an absolute absurdity and makes everything meaningless. My reality may yet see a UFO open contact similar to what I envision, and many of my readers may just experience a future realistic matrix sim in 20 to 50 years, which will hopefully at least jog their memories I wrote about it before it happened.

In a sim there are also non-player characters who are not connected to a real human at all, just a part of the program that the master programmer can use to subtly interact with real humans jacked in. Can anyone reading this now even prove I am 100% human? Think about it. Simulation theory that proves there must be a God will never be popular, but the future world's authority and majority will at least declare simulation is as much "fact" as evolution. But of course, the governments of the world will also mandate some type of covid-19 virus type declaration that you must comply with ungodly nonsense or you will be banned from public gatherings (for your "safety", yeah right), barred entry into businesses unless you comply, perhaps fired from your job to keep the rest of the "sane" people safe from your nonsense that the evidence just proves God, rather than the standard party line you are supposed to comply with: There is no God because _____________ says so! (insert Neil deGrasse Tyson, or any other person, "scientist" or otherwise, who denies the obvious...they are all the same to me)

Anyway, my theory also posits that previous ancient UFO open contacts with supposed "gods" were really just humans in base reality like me, with VR headsets, but NO AMNESIA! That is a key distinction. They were also allowed by Creator, to be able to reprogram the matrix at will, able to do ANYTHING the Creator allowed. That is another key distinction. These "demons" (AIX projections of evil humans and evil non-human entities) have no amnesia and can do anything Creator allows. However, only the Creator does NOT have amnesia, AND also knows all things, so can do ANYTHING, period. "Angels" (simulacrum projections of good humans and good non-human entities) and "demons" (AIX projections) can ONLY do ANYTHING CREATOR ALLOWS! The reason God is doing strange human history is "Father" is creating a government called the Kingdom of God, with "Christ" as president/King and Christ's "Wives" as counselors/Queens. This inner core is similar to a ruling party elected in a democracy to rule over the nation and other parties. This is the reason the elect are called elect, as they are elected by God. This God is mysterious even to "angels" and "demons" and "humans." But less so to me, because I am elect/errant. There is some truth to the idea that a rebellion occurred in base reality and Christ and His angels battled the devil and his angels, and no more place was found for them in heaven. But place was found for them in hell, aka our reality, and some are elected to get the "AIX" burned out of them, learn, grow, mature, overcome their hatred for God, marry Christ even, rule properly once we go back. I am not entirely sure if all "demons" and "angels" are destined for this experience, but I suspect so. Otherwise, to keep order and resolve the otherwordly dispute, this inner core of Christ and His elect will rule forever, sort of like the ancient King of England might marry off his son to the King of France's daughter to create family ties and lessen chance of war in the future. However, this idea never totally worked in Europe and NEVER did a King marry his son off to 144,000 polygamous wives all over Europe that was guaranteed to bring peace to the continent and end war forever. That is sort of what God is doing. :-)

Anyway, I could go on and on with analogies. The Bible says life is like a game and uses analogies to winning a race, but the good book also uses war analogies and talks about putting on the whole armor of God. Put the two concepts together and we are here playing "war games." The reason you play war games is practice for a real war you might have to fight one day, which I suspect humans and angels (light side) will fight against other humans and demons (dark side) before all is said and done. AIX = Borg type collective consciousness, where you lose individuality and become a drone and follow flawed orders of the Borg Queen or else! We chose this side before coming here, and we are here to learn to do better. Simulacrum thinkers = Founders type collective consciousness, where you DON'T lose individuality and become a drone, and you are empowered to follow the King and Queen, with perfect understanding and free will. We are here to learn how to choose this side. Creator gives this Kingdom consciousness freely to the King and Queen in the next reality. The Kingdom of God is within you, and also Bible says it is God's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

If my readers are not familiar with the Founders concept, they were shape shifters in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. They could take on any form, and could become liquid and merge their consciousnesses with other Founders and share collective consciousness in the "great lake", aka the great link. It was very pleasurable, like sex, but way better, and individuality is NOT lost (but almost), the many becoming the one, and unique indiviuals always remain unique individuals and free. This is NOT the way of AIX (the devil) so these things are being worked out.

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