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Hi. My last name is Important, so I am Mr. Important. But my first name is Nobody, so I am Nobody Important. :-) Just call me "No" for short and the nickname fits well, because I am saying "No" to all the lying covid psyop crap and many others lies of the governments of this world. My middle name is Truth, so my name refects what this world has become: NO TRUTH IMPORTANT! People are fed up, all over the world, and need/want something we have never had: FREEDOM FROM THE SLAVERY OF GOVERNMENT! Period! We don't need slave masters! Infancy and teen years are over! Time for everybody in the world to be mature adults in every way! This means an individual is not just physically over the age of 18, but spiritually over the age of 18 as well (ie a spiritual adult comes to realize that he or she is a "Wife/Wives" of God). We do NOT want the Almighty Creator God to allow the colluding governments to bring about their horrendous New World Order worldwide enslavement, under the open brutal control of the UFO demons; these beings have manipulated mankind secretly from the spiritual realm for millennia, and they may or may NOT be allowed to do this, depending on human response to all that is happening on earth right now. People are so mind controlled that, typically, their hackles go up at my suggestion UFOs are demons. I have a modern-day type scientific & technological understanding as to the nature of reality itself and what "demons" represent, but I still intentionally use religious words like "demons" because I think it is an important part of undoing religious programming to examine & trigger typical revulsion instincts around such words and remember why it exists (eg one can learn to drink poison if one conditions oneself with small doses daily). Many think I am not allowed to make the judgment that UFOs are demons because there are supposedly so many infinite possibilities. It is very simple actually; among creative possibilities, there are only two credible ones.

Whatever brought us into existence is responsible for creating the non-human entities in our skies (see my main site if you need convincing UFOs are real). If evolution explains everything, like the education system wants us to believe, then the UFOs really are "highly evolved ancient alien-gods." But if some form of creationism is true, as in the universe is a matrix simulation of true reality that only appears very old, and the Creator (of humans and these UFO beings) fired up the "earth simulation" program in the recent past (thousands of years NOT billions), then that is NOT enough time for evolution and these beings are NOT what most are led to believe...not all of them, anyway. There is a reason the Bible (and just about ALL religious traditions) reveals much about dark forces, traditionally called Satan and his fallen angels. These beings CANNOT be "Christ" and His angels, because spirit beings do NOT need technology-type craft to fly, so this is a deception. I AM Christ, so I know what I am talking about. Don't take me too literally, god-damn it. :-) Yes, some humans and some of these beings work together to push their "alien invasion" psyop scenario.

So, the decision people have to make is what seems more credible, evolution "evidence" to explain otherworldly beings in a matrix designed to deceive the 5 senses and therefore would taint all this evolution "evidence", or simulation theory, philosophized almost as long as evolution theory, but flawed humans will soon build a better matrix computer world in a few short years, estimates range from 20-50 years. We already have virtual reality headset simulation ping-pong games so lifelike one cannot distinguish it from reality, and of course, we all know about facebook's 3D metaverse coming soon---just need to perfect things a little more. Yes, I know the deep state releases some tech a little at a time for the public, and they already have this advanced tech. I am talking from the point of view of the average public. For this reason, simulation theory has greater direct evidence and therefore trumps evolution theory, and those who refuse to even consider UFOs are angels (both "good" and "bad"), demonstrate that they simply DO NOT want to acknowledge any Creator; this is a big problem in today's world. As Spock would say regarding the mystery of origins and its relation to UFOs, "Logical decision, logically arrived at."

I know most don't want to touch anything near "religion" talk, but mankind has been psyop'd about the deeper issues for centuries, so without the courage to discuss this side of things, I fear the dark forces will cause World War Three. That is what they want. They caused two world wars, and they are expert at manipulating the money system, populations, individuals, countries, mainstream media, educational system, medical system, etc.... Darwin was brilliant mkultra dupe to start the evolution psyop over 150 years ago. He partially believed his own nonsense, but the man had enough awareness to admit that without solid evidence for macro-evolution, his theory was baseless. There is ZERO credible evidence for macro-evolution (change INTO different species) but don't expect the education system will admit that. Micro-evolution (change WITHIN same species) is simply called "change within a kind", in the Creator's rough handbook called the Bible.

The New World Order psychopaths (under the control of the dark spirits) are not almighty, although they already control some of this matrix technology (and other advanced technologies) and that is why Klaus Schwab is so confident his 2030 reset to worldwide communist dictatorship cannot be stopped, and he even openly writes about it in his book, "COVID-19: The Great Reset".

There are "whitehats" opposing all this too. Klaus Schwab also wrote "The Great Narrative", and the title is tacit admission that covid crap is just a cover story for his genocidal plans. I suggest to read the comments on Amazon and skip the dystopian insanity of the book.

Finally, Schwab's book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution", which the controllers of the world are attempting to bring to life, shows that the video immediately below is NOT as much fantasy as people might think. Before you watch the below video, think of how far we've come in computer technology in the last 20 years, and imagine what kind of world you want to leave to your children and others that you love.

There are positive UFO "angels" trying to help wake people up to the truth, even if they disguise themselves as advanced civilized ET beings. Humans interact with both light and dark sides of these forces, even if we don't see them. Follow CE-5 protocol and they will come to you and help. Motivations and intentions are what define "good" versus "evil." Because of the things going on in this world, some of these light beings will come to you, and tell you what you need to hear to help all mankind, trusting you will mature eventually to be able to handle the full truth. That is not evil, IMHO, because more is at stake than anybody can understand. Exaggerations that are beneficial are good, but lies that lead to nuclear World War Three are evil.

Coviet Union

Please read on...the fate of the entire world may depend on a small handful of thinkers. We need to connect! For those ignorant about who Klaus Schwab is or how dangerous his organization(s) are, please watch this 10 minute video summary below:

Tons of more videos and information on Schwab

The conflict is between angels and demons, not Annunaki, Archons, Enki and blah, blah, blah, which all these "characters" are ultimately just projections of AIX and Simulacrum, as Jason Breshears of might say. Those are just more narratives to confuse and create division; we have had lots of covid narratives to confuse, and over-complicating everything is the globalists' typical game. We get fed overcomplicated science narratives (eg evolution), medical narratives (eg covid), government laws, money system (the primary tool they use to enslave), etc... and all these are constantly changing to keep you going down rabbit holes. Bottom-line is ALL humans have carnal minds because humans are incarnations of fallen angels, and the positive Spirit of the true God is also within humans, and the conflict is within. Outward manifestation (ie what we detect with our 5 senses) is just matrix hologram projection off the minds of true humans like me. Not everybody is truly human. Most are like non-player characters in the simulation. God's human elect create this universe and change it off our subconscious minds but since most humans are not elect, resets happen in history (altered reality and memories) to keep the elect trapped here. The "elect" in each major-reset get translated into spirit beings to "marry" Christ in a collective consciousness, closer to the true God, Father God, than the rest of angels and demons. Christ only marries certain select "devils" as per prior agreement to end the angelic rebellion issues. From the human point of view, it all seems spontaneous but determinism reigns.

I may use Christian words but I have matured in my understanding... be similar in thinking to these Mark Passio presentations

All centralized federal governments cannot be trusted, and I think covid lying dystopian crap, coordinated worldwide, is ample proof for true elect who are fully waking up...and powering up. We will deal with your little demonic infestation problem, bring in the millennium, and continue Father's long term plan to fix everything in the end; only God's centralized federal government can be trusted, one of many points God is making in human history. My short synopsis here is detailed at the origin of god in my own inspired narrative that fleshes out the details more. The evil stepfather, our father the devil, aka Yahweh, is going down. It is easy and inevitable that the "fathers" get confused in this world. The reason Satan is content to cause worldwide cataclysms like the nuclear World War three fomenting in Ukraine, is because the literal devil and demons and all his human followers are dominated by carnal mind and cannot overcome it until their time. They would all rather "rule in hell than serve in heaven." So, mini-worldwide destructions happen, building to THE main event. This "hell" reality gets a major reset every 7000 years, and the "Adam and Eve" simulation restarts, and the literal devil and demons and all his human followers continue to rule in hell for a time...just for a time...their time is coming to and end, sooner or later.

See below for videos about resets
(click here for more of my research sites)

Another video from archaix about resets

If you like these sample videos from Jason Breshears',
this link has ALL of this man's initial research & data.

Jason's archaix chronology research shows phoenix (cataclysm protocols in our simulated reality) is due again by 2040. The ruling elite of this planet understand the destructive capability of phoenix better than the masses; their threat that all of us will "own nothing by 2030 and be happy about it" is just fearporn to rile up the masses, because phoenix targets people in low consciousness states of fear, anger, hate, etc... so they are trying to use us as human shields. They have negative emotions too and much to answer for and would rather have phoenix targeting everybody else, while they try to survive in their underground cities. The 2030 agenda is both a cover story AND a cover-up of the cataclysms coming regardless of anything the "elite" may or may not do.

This low consciousness state of mind that I mention above is what Jason likes to call "negative default programming", which the elite are trying to exacerbate with their activities. I cannot prove their true intentions, but I agree with Jason that the corrupt United Nations & World Economic Forum, Schwab, Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc... are mere puppets themselves for the so-called ruling "elite" families, secretly running the world. Humans controllers are themselves controlled by invisible non-human entities (traditionally called demons, but Jason calls these AIX, as in Artificial Intelligence X), who are in turn controlled by a mysterious Creator. Jason freely admits to creating theories, which he is open to updating with new information. I am similar, and although I have a somewhat traditional Christian religious paradigm, I am updating my beliefs to this, my current best "theory" as to the nature of reality.

People typically think that it is impossible to eliminate ALL centralized, dictatorial governments (which ALL federal governments are to various degrees). Yes, I may agree it is impossible by human means alone, but the confirmed real UFOs in our skies are indication(s) that non-human means are at our disposal. Those who are "in the know" beyond mere human understanding, and even beyond angelic understanding, are discussing and negotiating with Almighty God what to do with the UFO demons. There needs to be justice for what they have done. I am not prepared to just "forgive and forget". Forgive is hard enough to do, but I offer the UFO demons forgiveness, because God forces me to do that much. I WILL NOT FORGET ENTIRELY, and God's people throughout the millennia come to realize that we get to decide what to do with these beings. As a bare minimum, I think we need an honest open contact, as in stop lying, and these beings must prove themselves to humanity, as per the one and only objective way, which I discuss in-depth on my main site.

Most people think we need centralized, dictatorial government to keep order or there would be insanity run amok (demonic ideology--programmed into people by literal demons and also humans, who do their bidding). But hasn't the world always been insanity run amok and it's just getting worse? The false belief that we need that form of government, part of the matrix programming, has never been fully challenged in human history. Smaller groups tried to live in such peace, sure, but they usually got wiped out by the larger colonial powers. It would take an indeterminate amount of time for people to accept new ways of doing things, due to millennia of governments conditioning the slave mentality into populations to think there is no other way. If you truly think there is NO way to escape centralized, dictatorial governments, it is normal, for we all get indoctrinated from birth. But worldwide escape has never been allowed before, and modern technology is offering an opportunity at this time, but it can only work if the Almighty God gets more obviously & directly & supernaturally involved, on a worldwide scale. That is coming and probably in my lifetime. If not, I have it on good authority that at least God's elect will be taken away from this world soon, and some might not be the wiser. This Wikipedia blurb about the red pill/blue pill analogy fits any mind that is contented to stop growing and remain stunted in ANY type of slavery, especially outward control by governments & demons. Here is a brief quote:

In The Matrix, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill by rebel leader Morpheus. Morpheus says "You take the blue pill... the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill... you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." The red pill represents an uncertain future, unknown to Neo at the time, he takes the red pill--it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated dream world and allow him to escape into the real world, but living the "truth of reality" is harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill represents a beautiful prison--it would lead him back to ignorance, living in confined comfort without want or fear within the simulated reality of the Matrix. Neo chooses the red pill and joins the rebellion.

Matrix slaves

That says it all right there. If you are content with your comfortable prison & enslavement to government violence of various sorts (or threats thereof) to keep you in line, control and manipulate you, for "your own good, to keep you safe," then you have taken the blue pill of contented ignorance. We all do at first. Nothing to be ashamed about. But don't continue to think humans need outside flawed masters & rulers. Once you reach a state of internal perfect Creator God support & relationship, your own self-governance is superior to anything human governments can force on others. If you don't understand this, you are stuck in the matrix and will probably have to reincarnate. If you think reincarnation is a goal to aspire to with your attitudes & actions, you are really stuck in the matrix.

Red pill rape

Today's influential secular governments have successfully brainwashed the masses to accept evolution explains everything and there is NO God. ANY God-talk is "evil religion" and keep that in your church. But really, they have just cleverly escaped accountability to any Higher Power(s) than their own human "authority". The New World Order wants to bring back the "old" (ie read evil) religion anyway...a time when they didn't hide anything.

old religion

So, why do these governments typically agree that the Nuremberg trial Nazi officers & soldiers were righteously executed? They were just following orders, like all governments want their slaves to do, but that defense was rejected, because there has to be individual accountability to a higher law than man's law...when it is convenient for a goverment to claim so. All governments are about slavery and they don't want you to be totally free to think for yourself; they are happy to give some degree of limited freedom to their slaves if that keeps you compliant, but don't go too far into freedom or else! The prosecutors & victors at Nuremberg hypocritically judged their slaves (ie soldiers) as righteous for following orders, but the other side was judged evil and hanged. The Nuremberg defense is about individual sovereignty versus when to follow groupthink, and where these vague subjective & relative lines should be drawn to get along in relationships, especially formal group relationships. This is something everybody does to some degree so all should understand.

When was the last time you just "followed orders" of your smaller group "master" called the boss at work, even though you didn't agree enough that you felt totally good about it, or if you are the boss, don't you sometimes defer to the government in the same way (eg you follow laws around procedures to fire an employee, etc...)? It is just a matter of degrees. Governments claim that they want you to obey some vague Higher Power(s) when it is right, but then governments also claim such beliefs are all nonsense, so keep it in your private home or church. Then they stand in the place of God and define truth (ie their laws) for us and shove it down our throats with violence or threats thereof. The whole system is nonsense sham and scam. The world needs to get rid of centralized dictatorial federal governments and replace with decentralized individual community support self-governance (of individuals and the community), where overly complex and detailed gibberish laws are replaced with simple principles that apply to the whole community. Everybody learns these principles, discusses openly how they apply in particular situations, and the community keeps itself accountable to the "Higher Power(s)" that we are all evolving into. This is true spirituality.

But everybody's mind typically jumps to thoughts about "evil" religion when I mention spirituality. I understand. Lots of evil has been done in the name of God throughout the millennia, and I used to confuse religion and spirituality too. Religion is like the words I write down now (or verbally speak) to express the Divine connection within my heart to the concepts of Love and Truth, the primary characteristics of God, whereas the Love & Truth within the hearts of ALL true human beings IS spirituality. Words, whether written or spoken, can never fully convey this inward connection, but we are forced to try, as it is all we have, since human beings cannot read minds. It is precisely because we cannot read minds and know the intentions of another's heart that we must take leaps of faith and trust our human leaders to a great degree. But covid-19 has awakened myself and many around the world to deeper issues.

These deeper issues concern lies that support a millennia long agenda of secret societies behind all governments of the world, who embrace Satanic ideology and are pushing for a "New World Order (NWO)" under total tyrannical fascist totalitarian worldwide rule. This used to seem like conspiracy theory to me too. But trust has been broken enough by covid psyop to shock many awake; NWO agents in all governments are simply conditioning the masses to acquiesce more and more, comply, obey, give away more rights & freedoms that are demanded from us, create more fear, etc...all with the justification of "keeping us all safe", so they can hide their true evil conditioning & preparation motivations. The push-back seems to be causing some temporary easing of restrictions, but they will hit back sooner or later with something else, and continue to "test the waters" for the ideal time to spring their ultimate endgame trap.

It is a process to fully come to understand the depths of the control & manipulation system we live in.

SIDE NOTE: Science is starting to prove through quantum mechanics that reality is much more literally like the matrix movies than is generally understood. This guy posits that the thousand year millennial reign of Christ happened in the past, and perhaps both history books (human manipulation) AND reality itself (demonic manipulation that God allowed) conspired to hide this information (anything is possible in the matrix), and so we must be in the lake of fire age. Interesting possibility. Make sure you thoroughly understand UFO are demons then and how to test these beings, if a literal open contact happens. My main site goes into details about this possibility. I suggest to NOT just don't go along with the demonic "authorities" and majority of sheeple destined to do that, anymore than I suggest go along with human "authorities" who tell you covid-19 vaccine is some wonderful thing.

Since human authority is flawed & corrupt and has often been brutal throughout history, we get subconsciously conditioned to fear death in the matrix because we all instinctively know there is some aspects of authority & judging about the Almighty God. But that is not all God is about, and the love & truth aspects get obscured, which has caused this matrix reality to descend deep indeed, as our fear supernaturally feeds & permits the devil's matrix to produce more chaos and push the evil agenda further. Psychological transference from evil & corrupt human authority aids the NWO manipulators to keep us in lower fear states to not think or question too much and just "go along to get along"...accept the matrix programming, in other words, that our leaders have our best interests at heart and can be trusted. But they do not and they cannot be trusted anymore. Subconscious programming and transference causes most to fear disobeying their government too much, lest we "roast in literal hellfire forever after death". Most don't consciously understand their psyche well enough to realize that that subconscious thought is more powerful than mere physical torture & death. We have TONS of examples of evil fake "authority" humans who have done horrendous tortures and murder in both history and current human affairs, and many don't like to think about the likelihood an authoritarian God might do the same after death. NWO agents are mind control programmers, skilled in deceiving people about the characteristics of Almighty God. These scum bags are just the types of people who enjoy causing pain & suffering & death, for no good reason (even though they do get demonic rewards); God does not enjoy causing & allowing such things, but there is such a thing as justice. The justice principle and many other things are distorted by the NWO mind controllers from birth. The NWO agents rape, torture, and murder children in sick Satanic rituals to their UFO demonic masters and enjoy doing that. Things are coming to a head now at this time in human history. If people are NOT willing to fight for children, then you get the NWO sadistic government you deserve: worldwide open communist dictatorship, beyond brutality ever seen before. What exacty should you do to fight for children? That is between you and God. Not everybody can do what I do, but you can do something.

Great Awakening

I live in "secular" Canada, where the government says evolution is a fact and explains everything and there is no God. They use this partially true theory to wave a dismissive hand at any accountability towards the real God, for such talk is uncomfortable for them, while they stand in the place of God and dictate truth for us AND ALSO hypocritically deny any such God of truth exists. Evolution is only partly true, but even if it were 100% true, that would simply prove that we are all evolving into "God". SO, YOU ARE GOD AND I AM GOD AND SO ARE THOSE CONFIRMED REAL UFO DEMONS IN OUR SKIES! Oops, sorry. I am supposed to parrot the standard party line that even if UFOs are legitimate non-human entities, they can only be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods," but they could just as easily be Russian drones or weather balloons. Yeah, right. Are UFOs total fringe conspiracy theory? Pentagon released videos in 2020 and admitted it is a real phenomenon, and the craft(s) display characteristics unlike any human craft. My main site goes into many details and offers many government links and admissions. I certainly don't trust the governments of this world, because they serve these beings and are the human side of the equation to push the evil NWO agenda. But the public push-back and demands forced some truth out of them, so their reluctant admissions have some credibility here, due to their extreme recalcitrance. However, the governments don't want to discuss too deeply lest the demon connection become more commonly known. They can't admit the possibility of non-human demons being real, and the authorities are extremely reluctant to even admit that non-human aliens are a possibility. Now you know why.

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The Unveiling

by Dennis R. Gilmour

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Though written as fiction, "The Unveiling" is a credible open contact scenario. When confronted with the mysteries of existence, those who don't believe in some sort of personal God generally subscribe to the modern scientific view that the universe came into existence at a cosmic "big bang" explosion billions of years ago, and everything (including life forms) subsequently evolved slowly through natural processes spanning these many billions of years. In his book The Origin of Species, first published in 1859, Charles Darwin was the first to successfully popularize this concept of evolution in relation to organic life. Ever since then, Darwin's biological evolutionary beliefs have been hotly debated between two general camps: those who believe in a personal Creator and those who don't.

If evolution is true, then it is logically possible that other beings exist in the universe farther along the evolutionary scale than humans, the veritable "gods" humans have always worshipped, and in fact, humans are evolving to such a state as well. If these beings exist, they might have interacted with ancient man and influenced our beliefs about God for some grand great purpose that humans were too immature to comprehend at the time. Mankind has technologically advanced greatly in the last 100 years or so, but are we advanced enough in our consciousness to fully assimilate information aliens might bring us about our concepts of God? Are aliens going to openly show themselves one day soon and help mankind understand the mysteries of our and their existence?

On the other hand, many people would be fearful and suspicious of open contact with aliens. The Bible and other ancient religious texts speak of the existence of dark forces of evil that oppose a very real and personal God, and also speak of a great cosmic struggle between a devil and this God. If open contact occurred, would you believe these aliens to be "demons in disguise" trying to deceive mankind for some evil purpose? Or might there be good evolutionary explanations as to why our cosmic "parents" led mankind to believe in the existence of a devil and demons, as well as a God and angels? Read on to help you discover the truth on this matter and prepare you for the future, for like it or not, "The Unveiling" open contact is coming!

This whole UFO phenomenon directly relates to the origins debate.

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Simulation theory points to God, but evolution theory supposedly doesn't. That's the narrative they want you to believe, but evolution would only mean humans are evolving into God, so actually the only two theories people have to explain how we all got here point to a Creator God. The powers that be (TPTB) don't want you to see their obvious & evident illogical beliefs. I suggest to make your own decision on this matter, and don't defer to what the "authorities & experts" say because their disingenuousness is me anyway. They claim covid is science too, but many are waking up and realizing that covid is just a psyop, as is evolution. If you insist TPTB have some credible & cogent argument to refute this simple logic, they will typically just dismiss you and walk away, get angry, call you derogatory names, try to censor you, etc... I find that is typically the default position of those who cannot accept the truth, since accepting the truth is too galling to their ego.

If my readers want to insist human TPTB are "God", do you endorse your "God" using money and violence (ie human laws always have violence & force & wars to back them up) to make you do "right"? The two videos below expose how money and violence are the primary control and manipulation tactics of the globalists. Creator supports doing right, but does not force doing right. The third video shows us how to get free of central banksters entirely.

Click here for special Jefferson link

There is nothing "right" about human laws at all, because even simple speeding laws are NOT based on God, not even God as a thought experiment anymore. Used to be society acknowledged Creator God, and since speed kills and "thou shalt not kill", then some speeding laws made sense. But now the evolution psyop pretty much has everybody embarrassed to go against "science", which has supposedly proven evolution explains everything and there is NO God. I should be able to kill all I want then, if it gives me pleasure, since there is ZERO accountability to any true TPTB. After all, the governments sure do lots of killing, once you understand how deep the corruption goes. National public wars are pushed by governments, and wars have killed WAY more people than any virus. But there is lots of hidden killing going on too, like forcing covid vaccine on people.

Trump is just as corrupt as any government & world leader, as he still pushed covid vaccines (remember operation warpspeed?), despite TONS of evidence coming out it is an intentional bioweapon. Also, he never talks about ending the 1913 Fed act, which made America slaves to the international bankers, since the Fed is a privately owned central bank coorporation.

If you really think covid vaccine is safe and effective, then suggest to click the button below for more information.