The Unveiling: the story of open contact
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THE UNVEILING: the story of open contact

With all the recent interest in UFOs, I thought I would make my book about open contact available in various ways. My main site has it available for free reading online through any browser or other various ways, by simply clicking below image.

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The Unveiling by Dennis R. GilmourThe world is family but does not understand

The Unveiling

by Dennis R. Gilmour

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Though written as fiction, "The Unveiling" is a credible open contact scenario. When confronted with the mysteries of existence, those who don't believe in some sort of personal God generally subscribe to the modern scientific view that the universe came into existence at a cosmic "big bang" explosion billions of years ago, and everything (including life forms) subsequently evolved slowly through natural processes spanning these many billions of years. In his book The Origin of Species, first published in 1859, Charles Darwin was the first to successfully popularize this concept of evolution in relation to organic life. Ever since then, Darwin's biological evolutionary beliefs have been hotly debated between two general camps: those who believe in a personal Creator and those who don't.

If evolution is true, then it is logically possible that other beings exist in the universe farther along the evolutionary scale than humans, the veritable "gods" humans have always worshipped, and in fact, humans are evolving to such a state as well. If these beings exist, they might have interacted with ancient man and influenced our beliefs about God for some grand great purpose that humans were too immature to comprehend at the time. Mankind has technologically advanced greatly in the last 100 years or so, but are we advanced enough in our consciousness to fully assimilate information aliens might bring us about our concepts of God? Are aliens going to openly show themselves one day soon and help mankind understand the mysteries of our and their existence?

On the other hand, many people would be fearful and suspicious of open contact with aliens. The Bible and other ancient religious texts speak of the existence of dark forces of evil that oppose a very real and personal God, and also speak of a great cosmic struggle between a devil and this God. If open contact occurred, would you believe these aliens to be "demons in disguise" trying to deceive mankind for some evil purpose? Or might there be good evolutionary explanations as to why our cosmic "parents" led mankind to believe in the existence of a devil and demons, as well as a God and angels? Read on to help you discover the truth on this matter and prepare you for the future, for like it or not, "The Unveiling" open contact is coming!

This whole UFO phenomenon directly relates to the origins debate.

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The predominant theme these days is that UFOs can only be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" and many have lost the idea UFOs could be demons. The video that follows below is a somewhat interesting reminder that some out there understand the truth about the origins of these beings. However, his origins of the universe and his flat earth stuff I do not believe, so suggest to watch with discernment. Videos that intentionally mix truth with lies are often a psyop to confuse or turn people off. But the idea that anything against official narratives is "conspiracy theory nonsense" has been demonstrably proven false with the covid psyop, IMHO. If the covid conspiracy can be coordinated worldwide, then it makes me believe some UFO information could be lies pushed by deep state America. Some UFOs could be human-made holograms, for example, but I still say not all UFO encounters can be explained 100% as only human manipulations. UFO demons and evil humans (ie government) work togther in secret and always have. I attempt to explain in great detail at my main site about what is true of these scientific concepts and what is not. It is a deep dive and may not be for everybody.

There is evidence in our reality for past open contacts, like pyraminds and other ancient wonders of the world that we could not have done without otherworldly help. Genesis 6 tells the story of fallen angels taking on human form and mating with women and creating giants. But quantum mechanics experiments like double slit show humans create reality with our subconscious thoughts and reality itself is NOT what it appears to be. This post talks about how perhaps 80% of what our 5 senses detect may not be real, as humans typically define real. The site also talks about reality not being what it appears to be, various resets in history, reality being reshaped after worldwide destruction, and starting over again at "Adam and Eve." It seems demons do some sort of open contact just at the end of a reset cycle (approx. 6000 years in our current cycle), deceive the world into destruction, and then God saves a small few and resets and it starts over. Sounds a lot like Noah, right? Didn't Christ say something about "as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the son of man." Well, anyway, I liked the video and include below for your enjoyment.

There are UFO angels too that are trying to help people wake up to the truth. Follow CE-5 protocol and they will come to you and help you personally. An individual can, at least, change their reality and eventually leave this place and not have to come back. The video below talks about this, but the man says the entire collective of humanity has never fully woken up and the entire earth has been saved from total destruction; I can only agree because my reality seems to indicate that is true, but the hope helps energize me to some degree. Apparently, resets happen and none are really aware and some new reality/history continues. Since we live in a simulacrum, and reality is not what it appears to be, and various resets have happened in history that this man had to piece together various evidence, it is normal that cognitive dissonance and struggle to understand might go like this: if something like supernatural resets happen and reality is changed, and memories altered, and history books re-written by humans (and even sort of supernaturally by AIX), then we cannot fully trust ANY research books and ancient texts etc.... All that could be intentional disinformation and not fully reliable. It seems to me that the presence of the elect here must somehow preserve some evidences (even Christ said the elect are the salt of the earth) as this man has discovered, and AIX is limited to some degree. We are also limited to some degree and can't manifest in superhero fashion but also AIX seems limited too. Nonetheless, if reality is malleable then that applies to history books too and ancient texts. It seems we can trust such things to some degree but not totally, and must intuitively discern what the truth really is, which will always be unable to be fully explained in words (written or spoken) so a grain of salt is needed in every interaction. This man says 2/3 of people you meet are not even really humans, just sort of like an AIX projection to manipulate, even family members, wife, kids, yourself etc... If some people are not real, it follows that some information in ancient texts is not real either, some fiction, just like in the Bible, but some probably is literally accurate and some meant to be taken as metaphor/allegory. That is how I view the Bible, all ancient texts, history books, reality itself, etc... but that does not mean I totally cast it all aside, but discern to learn. And build my own inward truth along the way. This the crux of what this man is trying to get people to realize/understand.

Below is a video that paints a positive paradigm that perhaps, just perhaps, proves the video above is incorrect and the whole world CAN wake up. But it seems to be dependent on the light beings helping those who know they need help and ask for it. Whether or not enough individuals can wake up to change the whole planet is the only question. It seems to have never been done before in history, but the man says that the UFOs have demonstrated ability to shutdown nuclear facilities in the past. So, the message seems similar to reset theory above, that the light side never lets this reality be totally destroyed, and these beings can at least stop many nuclear weapons from causing a total extinction event that the world can never recover from.

Below is another positive video with similar theme about the "good" UFOs. Perhaps people's fears about UFOs being deceptive demons is the very reason the whole world cannot wake up? Since no two people will ever think exactly the same, there will always be some who think UFOs are "good" and some who will think they are "bad". Perhaps the trick is to get the entire world to believe about the UFO phenomenon in more balanced ways? The battle between angels and demons has spilled out into our reality in more obvious ways? Then these beings could manifest for the entire world? The illusion of evil could then disappear for the entire world??? My readers will have to discern for themselves, but I think the covid psyop is showing the world just how deep conspiracy runs in this world regarding viruses, at least. It is not a stretch then to believe the same evildoers (both humans and demons) conspire to hide the full truth about this UFO phenomenon. This video also details evidence for a staged fake alien attack, as the ultimate endgame to take over the world and make it the most dystopian ever.

Another video to provide balance against the idea that ETs can only be beings of positive love and life. This video even has clips from Dr. Steven Greer, of the above videos.

Another Dr. Greer video about his opinion that the deep state plans a fake alien invasion.

Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer