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Alex Jones summary of totalitarian takeover

Monkeypox was simulated in the past and now mainstream media is hyped about it. Just a coincidence or are they going to start killing us with a new vaccine for monkeypox, same as they did with covid?

Another video about monkeypox virus as the next possible plandemic

Gregg Braden about time is malleable. Past, present, and future is the same and timelines can change. Bible codes software shows all possibilities can be found in the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Supernatural Quiga board stuff?

Star Trek proves Bidden is a moron

CIA has advanced technology that proves they are just receiving knowledge from the UFO demons. The governments of the world are secretly colluding with these beings to deceive and takeover the world. Humans simply could NOT advance this much in about 50 years from the revelation of the first home computer in 1971.

I personally testify I saw this video back in 2009, but dismissed it as crazy conspiracy theory back then. Now, it seems like it could have been created yesterday. Alex Jones looks younger too. This is NOT a video trick, people! Dr. Rima Laibow talks to Jesse Ventura about medical tyranny, and the WHO's plans to induce pandemics and force killer vaccinations on people to depopulate 90% of the world. They have been planning this aggressively since 1974. Dr. Lima reveals the Council of 7 (occult masters) rules the Illuminati, which rules secret societies, whose members flood positions of power in government, media, medical industry, big tech etc... These secret societies run the world and plan for millions of military troops to force people into FEMA camps (concentration camps) and inject people with vaccinations to kill you, or they can also just lock the doors and use the camps as gas chambers if they want.

Another video from Dr. Rima Laibow with more details about intentional depopulation plans, starting with covid. Below are a few sites associated with Dr. Laibow:
open source truth
dr rima truth reports

If you still want to be a meat eater after seeing what happens in a slaughterhouse, realize some of the difficulties you face in life is due to the fact that you don't respect life. Humans don't even respect human life in the womb, so don't complain when God allows UFO demons to abuse you by creating fear, pain, suffering, death, etc... (lower states of consciousness), just so they can feed off your negative energy and keep you in bondage. Negative energy is as tasty to them as your steak is to you!

Governments are passing holocaust hate speech laws to shutdown free speech. Those who criticize government narratives are labeled Nazi, and you are guilty until proven innocent, and just jailed/killed.

Evidence we live in an evil matrix controlled by the devil and demons.

Disinformation governance board excuse to shutdown free speech.

Mk-ultra summary of government torture atrocities of their own citizens. If you still trust the wicked and broken system about covid-19 vaccines, then only God can help you wake up!

Insider information that UFOs are demons, and the human rulers worship these beings and do their bidding on the physical plane of existence.

New World Order summary

Social credit evils

The Undeniable Truth Against Vaccines from Parents, Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, and History: Long article but worth the read

Vaxxed Part 2

Fixed election evidence

Children being intentionally abused by the system

Children being intentionally abused by the system part two. Warning: graphic details about extreme child abuse by the "system", rape, murder, child sacrifice to Satan, etc...

Click to download document (AbusiveSystem.pdf) into your downloads folder about how insane the system is towards children

Tech evil

Vatican sex crimes

The real great reset

FBI "whistleblower" video below. IMHO, this is subtle disinformation to create cognitive dissonance in people. The former FBI "whistleblower" speaks of a civil war within the FBI, and solid and frustrated people exist there? This agency exists purely to conspire behind closed doors and think up evil shit to do to the American people; their sister CIA agency exists purely to conspire behind closed doors and think up evil shit to do to the rest of the world. Can any "good" people exist in such organizations then? He claims 911 was not an inside job, and they only had vague ideas about something coming, but no specifics. He compares their vague ideas to the Japanese attack on pearl harbour, but the American government knew damn well the Japanese attack was coming, and let it happen to create public support for entry into World War 2. In some positions of power, there are those in the know and those that are not. But when an agency exists purely with all in the know, his comparisons fall apart. Learn to discern people. I thought this a good video to make this point.

This link is about true whistleblowers who reveal FBI/CIA have ZERO morals

Brandy Vaughan, outspoken former drug rep, found dead shortly after she started speaking out about covid vaccines. Coincidence? You decide...

If HSBC, one of the biggest banks around the world, is mired in so much corruption, do you really think your bank is safe? Is your government protecting you or working with ALL banks to bring in CBDC digital enslavement, Chinese social credit style?

Countdown 2030

COVID fascism

Died Suddenly

Not so safe and effective

Intentionally created food shortages

State of total control

Cause "unknown" - The epidemic of sudden death

The Authority Problem Part 1: UK order followers refuse to think for themselves

The Authority Problem Part 2: UK order followers refuse to think for themselves, and even arrest those who dare do so

The Authority Problem Part 3: Retired police constable Mark Sexton from the above videos with updates about his efforts

James Roguski substack regarding some courageous people and actions regarding above videos

Dr. Yeadon substack, where he attempts to help Mark Sexton in his stuggles to stop the ongoing genocide.

The Rise of the Bankers

Trucking for freedom

Tucker Carlson - transgender next generation to accept transhumanism

Uninformed Consent

Out of the Shadows

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