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This symbol, well known to be on the back of the American dollar, has been co-opted by Freemasons, Illuminati, and Bible believers, to now represent the dystopian, totalitarian, New World Order agenda to bring the world under the subjugation of a one world Satanic government. Many physical groups may start out with nice ideals, but ALL physical groups, including (and especially) governments fail to realize that the hierarchy structure humans are forced to work within assume the ability, out of apparent necessity, to rule other flawed humans using various degrees of violent coercion & duress & force tactics (financial, jail, rights restrictions, expulsion from the group etc...); angels (ie Positive-Consciousness-Entities, aka PCEs) and demons (ie Negative-Consciousness-Entities, aka NCEs) deal with these issues too, so usually physical groups are taken control by evil spiritual forces over the long haul. This article has some more history about the American dollar. Concerning the symbol, briefly, annuit coeptis means "providence favors our undertakings" and novus ordo seclorum simply means "New World Order". Read Mark Passio's breakdown of this symbol for more information.

Beyond simple occult mockery, Originator-Creator-Oversoul (OCO) requires angels, both holy (again, my term PCEs) and unholy (again, my term NCEs), to broadcast in symbolic and various other ways, what on earth is happening. Haven't you ever wondered why so much obvious Satanic symbolism is out there today? Basically, the message is OCO will favor the undertaking of letting Satan and his fallen angels, aka Negative-Consciousness-Entities (NCEs) openly rule the earth in a brutal New World Order, assuming mankind cannot get their act together...seems likely at this point, I must admit. As I write, today's date is July 10, 2022. Observe how the future unfolds and tell me your own opinion on this matter.

It is commonly believed that only 3% of Americans fought for independence from Britain in 1776, but this article theorizes the number was probably closer to 6%. Nonetheless, does even 6% defeating the British, the biggest and strongest fighting force at the time, make sense? Think about it. History books are muddled, but England has pretty much always been at war with the world. Empire building is Satan's thing, not OCO's.

Britain was exhausted fighting other wars at the time, but anytime a setback occurs, invisible spiritual forces called angels (both "good" and "evil") have ways of manipulating human minds to further the real spiritual war's agenda, purpose, goals, and ultimate outcome. Whether western nations, Russia, China, etc.... doesn't matter. They are all working together, whether they consciously realize it or not, because invisible beings traditionally called angels (Positive-Consciousness-Entities, aka PCEs) and demons (Negative-Consciousness-Entities, aka NCEs), who receive their permissions from OCO, manipulate all humans. NO FLAWED HUMAN SLAVE MASTERS DICTATING TRUTH TO OTHER FLAWED HUMANS UNDER THREAT OF VIOLENCE, AND/OR ACTUAL USE THEREOF, IS A LEGITIMATE SYSTEM! You are victim of psyops if you think ANY human government is better than any other. It is all relative. You either realize that "angelic" mind control exists and become discerning in your thoughts and learn how to discern spirits putting thoughts in your mind, or you are pretty easily manipulated, not just by humans, but the real forces behind humans. These days these beings have morphed into UFOs, ETs, etc.... but evolution is a 150 year old psyop and most believe evolution explains everything. It does not. OCO respects the individual minority rights of a single human being, but larger groups like countries do NOT, by definition.

Fraudulent systems are the problem. Lack of informed consent & understanding regarding the rules is the problem. Paucity of genuine money is the problem that, I mean true "currency" to make the "world go around" is not pretty paper or even gold, but rather voluntary contribution & cooperation, motivated only by love & truth & freedom, instead of the competition & violent force tactics model the world uses now, combined with physical trinkets to symbolize this true currency & money. In order to distract people from realizing the ponzi scheme of the powers that be, the intricateness of the money scam goes so deep, even so-called experts cannot make total sense of it, from the physical point of view.

Spiritually, it is very simple: communism is a wonderful idea, as long as it is 100% voluntary...which, of course, it never is in this world. The mind controllers and social engineers behind governments don't want people to realize their true "currency" power within their own hearts: voluntary contribution & cooperation, motivated only by the love & truth & freedom ideals energizing that individual to positive action, and extending such to those close to that particular individual, and finally even extending to those not so close to your tribe. The tribal nature of humans is difficult to recognize and handle properly.

Systems/rules/money (SRM) are ALL control and manipulation tactics to destroy individual rights, and that is their hidden purpose, hidden behind the so-called "good" order, structure, control, and security that government provides. SRM is only temporarily necessary now, due to the low consciousness state of humanity, in general. It seems, people cannot be motivated to serve others, or work cooperatively together in groups and/or get anything done without SRM, especially when in low consciousness states, which we all start out life as such, and the current SRM system intentionally exacerbates negativity & selfishness to keep us trapped in such state.

If the state wants to act as a proxy parent, then like any good parent, the state must raise the child to the age of majority and release all SRM, allowing individuals full autonomy & sovereignty and the right to self-determination, without 1990s' type Oka Canadian Indian repression, which is common in Canada, and even the Caucasian majority in Canada are now subjected to tyranny if you drive your truck to Ottawa. These types of low consciousness control & violent tendencies, exacerbated by SRM, must change for humanity to raise its collective consciousness & awareness enough to prevent the next/coming extinction level event (and consequent reincarnation cycle after the cataclysmic event), because corrupt SRM organizations are hierarchy & authority based, and there is no such thing at higher levels of consciousness; at the next level, All are equal, and boundaries are not violated, and none are forced to do anything against their will. If all this sounds impossible to accomplish on a worldwide scale, then you are a victim of mind control, and/or immature. The so-called "elite" controllers of this world seem to have something like "supernatural" ability to complicate SRM to scam good/decent people on ALL levels of society. To illustrate, one good money example is in the video below.

If even mainstream media (fake news) confirms the veracity of this man's struggles, then ya gotta know he's speaking the truth in the video below, regarding his struggles with SRM.

Having said all that, I somewhat agree with the first 10 minutes or so of the video below about humans who are ready to transition from 3D to 5D will disappear from this earth in the coming years, either literally and abruptly, which the world will notice, or spiritually and slowly, which the collective may or may not notice. The dude thinks differently from how I interpret his video, but I spin ideas and concepts in my own way, which I think everybody has the right to do, but this world always tries to take away such rights.

As we approach Klaus Schwab's mantra that "by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy," I somehow doubt this current reality can transition into a worldwide system that has no system. Imagine a world without systems, rules, money to manipulate and control people??? Schwab has a literal & evil worldwide dystopian brutal NWO in mind, but I interpret life these days according to my own symbolic & metaphorical & allegorical mindset and can see myself transitioning into a total freedom world of love, kindness, and truth, while generally understanding the illusory world around me is changing, while I continue to change. Meanwhile, I will also generally understand that the world I leave (left) behind still exists in another reality, where people simply wanted to stay, for various narcissistic reasons. Then truly, I have entered a world where I own nothing and am happy. Literally leaving Schwab and his ilk behind is the only way that can really be done. Good riddance, I say. Who wants to come with me?

Bullshit analyzer Bullshit meter

As far as this current reality goes, I can only say that individual rights CANNOT be defined by the written or verbal words of flawed humans. Period! People need to speak freely (American first amendment) and defend themselves verbally or physically (American second amendment). That will bring freedom. Notice I didn't say these rights were granted to humans by other humans because the American first and second amendments wrote it down. ALL human laws are bullshit and need to be thrown out as the garbage they are.

Mature adults can communicate and discuss, defend their positions as they please, reach informal agreement, and just do it. As new information comes along, the informal agreement can be updated, and continue. If you need to be motivated by money and/or human laws to live like this, that is evidence of being a victim of psyops, mind control, and immaturity. You are fear based & control based, not love based & freedom based. No centralized, dictatorial, federal government (which they all are to various degrees) can be trusted to do these things for us. Wake up world!

Yes, many demonically controlled humans now saturate key positions of power in most influential physical organizations & governments around the world, not just in America. Yes, a much smaller group of humans called God's elect are scattered around the globe. If only the world would listen to us, but alas...the globalists, who serve Satan directly and receive direct guidance from demons, are pushing fast to collapse the money system, engineer food shortages, cause general mayhem and chaos, in order to try to force the world to accept their one world system. Problem, reaction, solution. Fear is their primary weapon, to provoke negative responses, to get society to give up their freedom(s) in order to give governments more control.

Thomas Jefferson quote

The evil human forces are panicking and making many mistakes in their haste because elect humans like me are fully waking up, and powering up. Illusions are dropping, lies are being exposed, and it is possible to change things because of this. Although Satanically inspired humans are greater in number and wealth than the elect, godly inspired humans have many advantages. For example, we do not need to follow human hierarchy systems to receive direct guidance from OCO. So, we are much faster in thought and speech than a mere man like the pope, who may call himself the "most holy father", but he definitely does NOT hear from the true Most Holy Father; we can be faster than demons even, but of course, need help of holy angels to do this.

COVID-19 bullshit (means Certificate Of Vaccination digital IDENTITY push, starting bigtime in 2019---in case you didn't know) was a major wake-up call for me.

Covid 1984

I was in a pretty good slumber for 2 years prior to the Canadian truckers convoy, but fully awake now since that infamous day. The boy who cried wolf syndrome affects us all, but I am simply incapable of falling asleep again. The wolf is coming this time, and many just don't believe it, tough stuff almost here, but ya ain't seen nothin yet. I see similarities to 1929's Great Depression, but also combined with 1933 Germany. In Germanada where I live, similarly to literal Germany in 1933, Mein Fuhrer Trudeau has already nullified civil liberties during the February 14, 2022 truckers convoy protests over vaccine mandates, and covid political opponents like pastor Art Pawloski and truckers convoy organizer Tamara Lich are jailed, Bill C-7 is already law which allows state assisted euthanasia for any reason, etc... also Crime Minorster Trudeau's gun grab was similar to what Hitler did in 1938. Nazi governments always disarm ordinary people before they start openly killing everybody.

OCO's law of conscience does NOT compel performance, but man's law does
Mandatory is false Until people learn to voluntarily follow their conscience and get rid of ALL governments, a one world slavery government will continue to advance

I am one of the last to come in, but apparently the first to fully expose the devil's false spiritual narrative. At least, I have not heard much consistent truth from any other humans out there in internet land that I sense are elected by OCO to be the "Word of God" at this time. Many people have bits and pieces of the puzzle, but their narrative falls apart under questioning, much like covid is doing, symbolic of the ultimate defeat of the NCEs' lies. Vaccines are a minor false narrative, compared to the things the foward pages will reveal to my readers.

Great controversy

Despite the ominous signs of things to come, I sense OCO's presence more every day for myself and the world. Imagine OCO singing these songs to all true humans in this reality, if you need some mood music to lift the spirits.

Now, back to some harsh reality. First, let me be clear that a brutal NWO-One world government is NOT inevitable. However, people really need to get their act together, or else what we are witnessing is just the beginning of these words (Matthew 24:3-22, KJV):

3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled [try not to freak out yet]: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet [eg talk of nuclear war with Russia].

7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places [eg Russian against USA, NATO against Russian federation etc...].

8 All these are the beginning of sorrows [ie the worst is yet to come].

9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake [ie children of the light against children of darkness].

10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come [my main site, the origin of god, has a deep dissertation of the plain yet hidden true gospel].

15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation [ie the covid genocide vaccine abomination], spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place [ie corrupted hearts of most who don't seem to care or do anything about the genocide occurring], (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains [ie find a place of relative safety if you can]:

17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house [ie don't waste time overthinking options]:

18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days [ie spiritual children who lack understanding will be difficult to care for and deal with, but it refers to physical children too]!

20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be [ie worldwide distress and credible nuclear destruction is on the horizon].

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened [ie OCO will NOT let mankind ultimately destroy ourselves].

Similar words are repeated in Luke 21, so I won't bore my readers by writing it out. You can look it up yourself, but I'll just highlight the most important verse below.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads [in joy]; for your [suffering ends as your] redemption draweth nigh!!!" (Luke 21:28, KJV) If all you feel is fear at this time, you are missing something in your experience. Lift up your heads and rejoice, if you know the Creator!

Click videos below by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who tells us plainly what "authority" is a danger to us all and our children. Kennedy especially said wise words at the end of video #2.

True Authority Pyramid

Outnumbered but not outgunned More than enough The spiritual game & war is ultimately rigged in favor of God's human elect

Fake Authority Pyramid

As far as the "300" are concerned, here are the worldly 300 that are no match for OCO's 300 300

In this Star Trek Voyager clip, Tuvok and Torres go behind Captain Janeway's back, and disobey orders to try to illegally obtain technology that would get Voyager home immediately. This broke Sikarian law (representing OCO's inward law of heart conscience). Tuvok and Torres were aliens (representing the "alien" carnal mind within all human elect) and had good, logical reasons to do so. But Captain Janeway (representing our Captain Christ) disapproved. We all want quick fixes to return home (ie heaven), but the message is that the long, slow, hard slog, is OCO's way, while keeping our moral compass. Good luck, elect, for what is coming...

Remember John Connor's words from the Terminator movie, as he represents the elect:

The future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves [we create our own reality]. I wish I could believe that [but we doubt sometimes]. My name is John Connor [insert your name]. They tried to murder me before I was born [demons try to prevent Christ being born within]. When I was 13, they tried again [even when unsuccessful, demons hassle you all your life]. Machines from the future [demons]. Terminators [globalist killers]. All my life my mother [Holy Spirit] told me the storm was coming, Judgment Day [judgment begins at the house of God], the beginning of the war between man and machines [we sense the inward war will get intense at some point but can't explain]. Three billion lives would vanish in an instant [our naivete about globalists killing billions in depopulation vanishes at some point, likened to be like instantly in one day], and I would lead what was left of the human race to ultimate victory [inward victory and some outward influence]. It hasn't happened, no bombs fell, computers didn't take control [delayed endgame makes us complacent sometimes]. We stopped Judgment Day [we think the endgame will never come sometimes]. I should feel safe, but I don't, so I live off the grid - no phone, no address, no one and nothing can find me [general defensive posture in life sets in]. I've erased all connections to the past, but as hard as I try I can't erase my dreams, my nightmares.

Here are some of the nightmares John Conner is talking about. Below are some brief clips about protests around the world, and how our fake democratic puppet leaders in the west (and around the world) simply do what their globalist masters tell them to do. We do not have true democracy. This covid crap, climate crackdown crap, etc... is simply to destroy freedom, Hitler style, and take open control of the entire world. The Fourth Reich, aka World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab's Fourth Industrial Revolution, is happening worldwide and mainstream media in the west hardly says anything, because they are the propaganda arm for Hitler. Are we going to let them win without even knowing what the real war is about?

Brief introduction video below (created over 10 years ago) about "agenda 21 world government" is the real reason for engineered crises worldwide, whether fake climate bullshit, fake covid crap, fake UFO invasion, etc...

Video below about the global warming swindle. Climate change DOES happen, but so what? There have been world cycles of cooling (ie ice ages), and heating (ie global warming) FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE MAN EVER STARTED PUTTING CO2 INTO THE ATMOSPHERE! The fucking sun heats up sometimes and also cools at times! The governments refuse to deal with this simple truth, or spin it away. Here is a link with balanced scientists' views about climate change. And this UN Council assembly meeting in 2006 discusses the connection between chemtrails and climate change. On the heels of the United Nations' own discussions about chemtrails and related weather modification, I suggest to check out this Geoengineering website.

Senator Malcolm Roberts knows what climate change is really all about: destruction of farms, farmers' livelihoods, and digital enslavement

Video below about the plight farmers already face, struggling against tyrannical governments

If you really think the corrupt United Nations (AND its de facto financial arm called the World Economic Forum) is really concerned about people, climate change, world hunger, etc... watch the video below where the United Nations admitted ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE that they LOVE people to be hungry and why!

This link from the wayback machine, which archives all old pages on the internet, proves this evil article was literally on the United Nations own website, but the UN deleted it to try to hide their evil.

Climate meme

This link has TONS of documents, produced by the global elites themselves, which proves their true intentions about premeditated global depopulation using vaccines and other means.

This link is about accusations from Russia against the west. I don't totally trust Russia either, but if this link can be believed, Russia may be the only sincere nation left, in a relative sense, of course. ALL countries engage in vicious force tactics of various sorts.

This link says Putin's daughter died after a second covid shot. It is an old link from mainstream media, scrubbed from the internet, but this wayback machine archive shows it was there. I include it to make some points: 1) I am not naive that the internet is full of lies, as well as truth, and people need to learn discernment and fact check themselves 2) Obviously, mainstream media cannot be trusted to "fact check" or be honest in their reporting, and everybody needs to learn to question everything 3) People have short memories and even those who might have read this article years ago, may only vaguely remember it was there, and gone back to trusting mainstream media. STOP DOING THAT! IT IS MOSTLY PURE PROPAGANDA!

This article reports that Putin's above mentioned daughter is alive and well. A critical thinker should now ask, is this true? Which article is correct? Is Putin's daughter alive or dead? This article is probably correct because it has a later date than the first article, but also the first article was scrubbed from the net (ie the implication is they are trying to hide something). However, since there is so much deceit in the world & internet, if it was important to me, I might investigate further or call Putin myself!

Four good memes below to summarize climate change lies...and lies in general global warming 1 global warming 2 global warming 3 global warming 4

Video below about planned "cyber-covid" to totally censor the internet.

I have zipped up my sites to be viewable offline WITHOUT an internet connection. You only need a browser to read the html files offsite.

Download of entire site

Download of another site

The reason I suggest this is because soon the world may NOT have an "unapproved" website on the entire internet. Get truth into your soul now, for soon the entire internet may be nothing but one world government propaganda.

Video above with veiled threats from New Zealand crime minorster Jacinda Ardern about censoring internet because going against government narratives is "disinformation & misinformation." This despite governments are the biggest purveyors of "disinformation & misinformation", as covid death jabs have proven to many people and shocked many awake. She even blabs some nonsense about censoring truth against false government narratives regarding climate change.

Redacted video commentary on Ardern's threats at 1 hour, 21 minutes, and 30 seconds, into the video.

Video below from the World Economic Forum (WEF) to prove what I say above is NOT a lie. If they warn us what "might" happen, it is because they are planning to cause it to happen. OCO forces them to telegraph their intentions in some fashion. They don't like it, but the real OCO is in control. So, they spin it as something that "might" happen, and of course, they have a solution to "keep you safe." Problem (which they create), reaction (let people suffer a bit), solution (do what they tell you).

After this happens (or rather if it happens because if enough people wake up, OCO can still turn things around), in just a few days, they will have the internet up again. But you will be required to get vaccinated to access it, have special "security software" installed to "keep us all safe" (ie track/record everything you do online), have all financial data tracked and controlled (ie mark of the beast), Chinese style social credit system to keep your central bank digital currency tied to your "good behavior" (ie you must be a totally compliant slave), etc... I say it is better to die, and my forward pages explain why no true human needs to fear death.

Schwab cyber threat video below

I'm not really good at blowing smoke and sunshine up people's asses, as my readers can probably tell. But there are reasons for hope and positivity, amid a sea of insanity. Before you go further into my site, let me say this much. There are many levels, reasons, why's and wherefore's about why OCO does things or allows evil & suffering, etc... Love is complicated to explain with words, but perhaps these songs are decent attempts.

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