Some covid facts

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This introduction video about 911 truth deniers is NOT inappropriately placed, despite what some might think. The same mind control scam of 911 is being played out now worldwide under the disguise of COVID, with even more deadly murderous effects! Understand the truth about 911 and you will understand the truth about vaccines!

1) If you are still in the camp that thinks there is ANY validity to covid whatsoever, below is the best summary article I have found so far to reveal the lunacy of what covid really is, from an "official" government-type organization even. If it remains uncensored, original link at:

2) If you don't have time to digest the above covid document, I summarize in the memes below:

Covid vaccine bullshit

More Covid vaccine bullshit

Also clicking this link takes you to TONS of downloadable documents that prove all the important facts about covid.

Angry covid dad video below

Very angry daughter video below

Some critical thinking from Max Igan

3) These prep notes are from ONE individual who started to understand Jan 30, 2022. The date of this post is June 16, 2022. So, in less than 5 months ONE person came to full understanding. You can too! There is so much information and proof on the internet, THERE IS NO EXCUSE! You only have to process and understand the information. You don't even have to collect the proof and data that SO many others have done!

Coviet Union

This link is a collection of some of my own research evidence regarding covid. But if critical mass does not support the truth, then censorship laws, cover-up attempts, fear distractions like Uvalde false flag, more manipulated wars, engineered economic collapse, and other Nazi tactics, etc... are already being pushed everywhere to shutdown proper understanding/action.

4) Video below about the psychology of cognitive dissonance/mass formation/mass hypnosis regarding covid

Please don't fall victim to worldwide totalitarianism rising, due to the this historically proven psychological effect that the globalists are using worldwide this time. My country Canada has pretty much already become Germanada. ONE individual is more powerful than you understand!

This woman talks from experience about totalitarianism

Canada's Dr. Theresa Tam justifies taking the unvaccinated away to concentration camps

I don't totally buy all of the "Q" stuff, but generally the below video is true

If you still think vaccines are great after this video, I suggest leave my site forever

David Cheyne of awake Canada is pissed and so should you be

If you are confused and in cognitive dissonance about all this, enjoy this video that will drive you insane

5) Respected Dr. Robert Malone (co-creator of mRNA vaccines) is speaking out against the false covid narratives, along with financial expert Ed Dowd. They created the "Malone doctrine" below.

Malone doctrine

Click the above image to read a substack article from Dr. Malone about this doctrine AND Ed Dowd's insights into the financial corruption behind covid.

6) Video below with Jon Rappoport, investigative reporter, who has been uncovering lies about viruses for decades, especially HIV.

Jon's book, "Aids Inc" is very instructive (available in your downloads folder after click this link).

7) fluoride free peel Site dedicated to stopping fluoride in water but has many other good articles too.

Good sample article from above site, which shows Dr. Peter McCullough is getting paid from drug companies AND YET he is calling the covid vaccine a bioweapon, proving many doctors are controlled opposition, paid to foment rebellion so the colluding governments then have excuse for martial law.

Also, I agree with the interviewer in the video below that controlled opposition is a subtle way to distract people from asking the right questions, such as do viruses even exist? Globalists laugh when people argue about virus data & safety, but don't come to realize that viruses do not exist, and viruses are as much of a scam as fiat money and fiat government laws (ie mere constructs of the mind---not real).

Video where Dr. McCullough admits viruses are "detected" by inferential techniques (ie guesswork), and in silico testing (ie testing computer simulations, NOT real fraud in other words). This is what Jon Rappoport above has been trying to tell people for decades.

Former CEO of pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, eventually came to understand the covid hoax.

a) Former doctor, Dr. Bailey, also eventually came to understand the "viruses exist" hoax too. Dr. Bailey specifically discusses Dr. McCullough's bullshit at around time spot 9:30 in the video contained in this link.

b) Dr. Bailey talks about the common argument about "chicken pox parties" that seems to prove something. Here is a video below with Dr. Bailey's response.

c) "Why all viruses originate in laboratories" is another good post by Dr. Bailey about so-called viruses that makes us sick and where these things originate.

8) Click image to choose a video playlist

9) Official Australian government link where the "authorities" admit covid vaccine is poison. Why? It is a really strange world these them yourself and ask them, but if you trust their bullshit explanation, I own the Brooklyn bridge and want to sell it to you cheap.

Sure enough, I checked today, Dec 11, 2022 and the link is being semi-censored, as it seems only IP addresses in Australia can now access that link. Fortunately, I don't have to travel to Australia to know what it said, as I saved the page, and it probably has already been changed to say covid vaccine is wonderful. THIS LINK SHOWS WHAT IT USED TO SAY! Apparently, understanding the truth about covid is now "conspiracy theory" worthy of government tyranny, if you believe the video below.

I just checked again today, Feb 17, 2023 and the original link is totally gone: "404 Page not found." Amazing! Do you see what is happening world? The evildoers put the truth out there, as required by Originator-Creator-Oversoul (OCO), and then eventually scrub it from the internet! The spiritual principle is, if they tell you the truth and you don't care, or listen, or do something about it, you have consented to their tyranny and OCO allows it to continue. The mere fact they then attempt to censor their previous admissions, proves the worldwide public backlash is making a difference. Keep it up!

10) plandemic series for more information about how covid was intentionally created and planned to bring in medical tyranny. Click below image for options to view the various videos OR hear the audio book.

11) James Roguski substack for good WHO (World Health Organization) information. World Homocide Organization really, and James' specialty is keeping on top of these guys. Click image below for more details about the 10 points below.

Click image below to BOTH download the final IHR report (International Health Report) to your DOWNLOADS folder, and redirect to James' substack

IHR report

12) Click image below for a pdf copy of the Nuremberg code, which will appear in your downloads folder after click. If you don't know, the Nuremberg code was created in response to the horrible Nazis medical experiments on Jews, which were done without consent or care of the humans who were tortured. It is happening again worldwide. The covid experimental vaccine has violated most of these, especially #1, #8, and #10.

Nuremberg code

Click this link for 7 key points from Pfizer's FDA filings and US laws, demonstrating that Pfizer's mRNA injections are not only ineffective, but harmful to many

13) Dr. Sherri Tenpenny brief review.

Link with many documentaries proving covid lies

14) Pretty far gone.

Genocide stages

Why are we so far into worldwide "vaccine" genocide? I say because of lack of psyop training, ability to reason, recognition of their tactics, chemtrails, pestocide-laden food, poor nutrition, floride in water, (all destroys the mind) etc... One simple resource to study is: 15 Common Logical Fallacies to be aware of. Also, the masonic tactics below are especially prevalent on the internet, social media, etc...

15) What's the difference between communism, Nazism, and democracy? Democracy should be spelled demicrazy (ie demi means half), as it is merely a more subtle and disguised form of the same thing. Even if democracy was real & sincere, it is simply the majority suppressing & repressing the rights of the minority. The Originator-Creator-Oversoul is the only Being who can make laws or rights for created beings. Click the image below to download a pdf of Marx's Communist Manifesto into your downloads folder, which is always what happens eventually when created beings try to rule other created beings.

Communist Manifesto

16) The slogan "Never Again" has failed, as it is happening again! Except this time, WE ARE ALL JEWS! Sample videos below.

Click this link for all 5 episodes of "Never Again"

17) This viroLIEgy site is a good one to help us understand how deep the coruption and lies go. If my readers don't understand that the secret missions of governments are slavery, genocide, and democide, perhaps the video below will help people understand just how much government cares about you. World War I and World War II were intentionally manipulated into existence by the globalists.

If you made it this far, I hope you understand this "exit" video about the fake moon landing is similar to the entry video about 911 truth deniers. It is NOT inappropriately placed, despite what some might think. The same mind control scam of the moon landing, Kennedy assasination, 911, etc... is being played out now worldwide under the disguise of COVID, with even more deadly murderous effects! Understand the truth about the moon landing, Kennedy, 911 and many other examples, and you will understand the truth about vaccines!

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